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Who We Are

Meet our Leadership Team and Board of Directors.

Find out who the people are behind the scenes at Astera Credit Union, working hard to serve members' needs and the local communities we serve.


Senior Management

  • Martin R. Carter
  • James Paisley
    Vice President of Information Technology
  • Chris Tyler
    Senior Vice President
    of Operations
  • Debra Miles
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Lisa Posthumus
    Vice President of Lending


Branch Management

Administrative Office

  • Jessica Hayes, Assistant Vice President of Member Experience

Jolly Rd.

  • Ryan Maloney, Branch Manager
  • Becky Grieshaber, Assistant Branch Manager

W. Saginaw Hwy.

  • Trevor Hollis, Branch Manager
  • Dianna Kern, Assistant Branch Manager


  • Ryan Johnston, Financial Center Manager
  • Dana Hartwick, Assistant Financial Center Manager


  • Danette Winans, Retail Branch Manager


Board of Directors:


  • Mark Van Epps, Chairman
  • Jason Hawkins, Vice Chairman
  • Harold Brown, Secretary
  • Susan Canen, Treasurer



  • Martha Adams, Membership Officer
  • Kevin Goff, Director
  • Cathy Murray, Director

Our Promise

We promise to:

  • Provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable service experience at every touch point.
  • Serve as a trusted partner to identify your financial needs and provide solutions.
  • Treat you with the courtesy and respect deserving of an owner.


If you would like to contact the board or make suggestions for improving Astera Credit Union, please contact us.

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